One dark autumn evening I sat alone in a cabin on the mountain with a warming fire in the fireplace and in the light of the candle. I wondered what I could do with the evening and started messing around in the drawers in the kitchen. There I found a pattern for small slippers that my ahkku (grandmother) made. I also found a leather and needle and thread, so I started sewing! It eventually became a slipper with some uneven stitches and that was where and when my interest in duodji (sami handicraft) was aroused. Several years later, in 2011, I started Made in Jukkas and today I work with both leather and recycled materials. I sew for old traditional designs and also make designs according to my own design.

I have also been awarded the Sámi Duodji brand which is a guarantee of authenticity when you buy Sami crafts!